Bicycle Component Coexist Sticker
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In addition to my artistic practice, I worked thirteen years as a bicycle mechanic. During that time I had this idea: the bicycle component COEXIST sticker, with likenesses from Campagnolo, Shimano, Suntour, Sram, microSHIFT, Simplex, Huret and Sturmey-Archer.

Bicycle components makers aren't ones to work together, and bicycle shifty bits are notoriously incompatible when you step outside of their designated gruppo.

But folks don’t want the constraints of a gruppo; they want to mix and match to fit their personal cycling desires.

I bet you have seen the blue coexist stickers adorning the bumpers of Prius and Subarus alike, now your bicycle can show that you too dream of a world where things work together.

To the bicycle nerds, mechanics, and tinkerers, this sticker is for you.

-Size is 1 in X 5.61 in

-Die cut sticker on white background

-Durable scratch and weather resistant vinyl

-Compatible with all bicycles

Shipping via USPS is included but I am currently only setup to ship within the United States